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August 21, 2008



Yay! Finally a new post!

Great to hear all about your amazing summer with your family!! Glad to hear everything is well with your health! I was worried that it was too many ABs! haha! Great to see you at the social the other week as well!!

Take Care Choi!


M. Clark

Well, I cannot help but be a tad bit envious of your extended vacation. I always say that men of your stature have earned that time off (and I still believe that), but it never fails to resurface in my mind the desire I have for such an endeavor. I am glad to finally see the extensive happenings of Operation Korea. Being an older young buck, I have seen those days of ABs washing down more ABs on more than one occasion. But, to read about the madness that occurs in the land of Korea, I quickly realize that any tolerance I may have gained over my short number of years on the wagon is nothing compared to the drinking machines of Asia. I definitely tip my hat to you.
I know how it is to see old friends, especially the last month, and I am very happy you had the great opportunity to meet up with all of your buddies. Compound that with the drink and many good times are usually had.
The conversation about Study Korea Week you shared with us is absolutely hilarious. Just thinking of it again is bringing quite a grin to my face. To be a part of such a week would be a great honor and privilege and I certainly hope I get that opportunity.
About that scare; didn’t really enjoy reading about that first part of it. Really enjoyed reading about your good health though.
Glad to hear that your kids were able to pick up Korean. It will be such a useful tool for them as they continue to get older. I only wish my German was up to par right now. I imagine a few months in Germany would do the trick, but I do not foresee that happening anytime soon. Well, it was nice to read about your vacation and it was even nicer to see that everyone had a wonderful time. It is good to have you back in the United States and look forward to potentially seeing you around the Southern California campus

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