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March 31, 2008


Jeff Swisher

Yes, the 4-Hour Work Week -- pretty cool idea. However, I have yet to put much of it in practice. So far, the only "outsourcing" of my life has been limited to delegating ironing duties to the local dry cleaner; and cooking to my girlfriend. But I'm considering placing a web cam in my seat for Tuesday-night classes, so I can view lectures in real time on my laptop as I enjoy a "mini retirement" in Australia. Indeed, I'm striving to join the "New Rich." -- J. Swisher, Cohort 29

Tucker Baksa

The innovation approach to the brand building process was very, "eye opening". Not knowing a lot about Marketing coming in to Dr. Choi's class I was amazed that over 80% of commercial communication appeals to our eyes. I would have thought sight and sound would combine to be the major factor in commercial communication. It will be interesting to see how our other senses are incorporated into future commercial communication.

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