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March 21, 2008


Jonathan Munz

Don't know if you watch the television show, "The Wire" on HBO, but the final season of it was about how the newspaper in Baltimore struggles to tell the truth about what is actually happening in the city. The creator of the show, a former Baltimore Sun writer, has talked a lot about all the cutbacks in the newspaper industry and how the media is being forced to do more with less.

Scott Simmons

Isn’t this the exact truth? Growing up I loved receiving letters in the mail for any occasion. Over the past five years it has been an email blast or an E Card saying “Happy Birthday Valued Customer” which is the only sort of mail I’m receiving. Now I look forward to getting any sort of letter or magazine in the mail. Even clothing catalogs I know I’m going to get once a month bring a smile to my face. Getting back to sending actual letters and showing that you care is a great marketing strategy. Maybe a nice tailored gift when no one expects it…

Rodney Truong

Previous experience in the health care receivables (debt collections) industry has built within me a perceived idea of data collection and usage. It was indeed joy to my eyes when accurate information was found, and joy to my ears (I was responsible for running the dialer) when that information translated into another successful collections attempt. Now I see parallels in the sport database marketing world, especially the differences in the available information. It is one world of creativity, to get information that no one is required to provide unless for a purchase or contest. So, hats off to more and more contests and surveys!

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